What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Unlock your company's true potential.

Deliver customer value quickly through efficient product & engineering operations.

I help CPOs and CTOs in B2B / B2B2C technology startups and scaleups increase their feature development throughput by up to 5X and decrease defect rates by up to 50%.

Leveraging 20+ years in product & engineering leadership, and my experience as a two-time founder with an exit, I have helped many others have achieved these results, and my proven frameworks will yield similar results for you.

Defect Rate
Optimize the SLDC Process
Accelerate product engineering operations thru streamlined efficient processes.
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Fractional & Interim CTO
Leading effectively from the front during rapid growth or an executive transition.
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Executive Coaching

Grow strong & effective leaders from within who can scale as your company grows.

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Optimize your Product & Engineering Operations

Many startups make a lot of movement in their Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) process, but that movement is chaotic and less effective.  Startups need to focus ruthlessly on the features that matter and delivering them quickly and effectively.

I will assess and implement streamlined, efficient operational process across your product and engineering in partnership with your existing staff. Build a process that works for you and your team.

I bring proven frameworks to the table for all aspects of product and engineering operations that are easy for your team to adapt and align to. These frameworks are proven to help teams accelerate their feature delivery by up to 3X.

Executive Coaching

Companies grow exponentially and people grow linearly. To stay in our roles as leaders, we have to find the way to accelerate our learning as our companies grow.

Keep your existing leaders in their roles longer by pairing them with an experienced advisor. Accelerate your leadership's learning through focused coaching and mentoring.

I have a strong track record coaching CTOs, CPOs, and CEOs regarding product and engineering concerns.

Fractional, Interim & Advisory Leadership

There are many reasons why hiring a Fractional CTO, CPO, or CTPO might be the right decision for you.

Growing your team and need someone experienced to lead from the front while you scale? Need team stability and oversight in an interim capacity during a leadership transition? Have a specific strategic project that your existing CTO doesn't have bandwidth to oversee?

Typically these engagements vary based on your company's specific needs. My role is to support the CEO in the way that the CEO needs to move the company to the next level.