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CTO Mentor. Executive Coach.
Product Strategy. Leadership Strategy. Growth & Scale.
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Make Key Technology Decisions

With the support of a trusted Product Technology advisor. 

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Independent assessment of your current technology architecture. Determine if you have the right team in place. Fine turn your Product Strategy.  Chart your course to Product-Market Fit.


Optimize your software development lifecycle flow from Discovery to Delivery. Partner on complicated technical and organizational challenges.  Maximize the effectiveness of your relationship with the C-Suite.

Grow your Career

Director & Lead

Master your current roles and responsibilities. Level up your leadership as the company growth. Create an action plan for your most pressing leadership challenges.  Chart your career path.

Chief Technology Officer
Coach & Mentor
Board Member

Kathy Keating, CTO & TECH Advisor

Actively involved within
several CTO and
startup ecosystem communities!

Deep relationships with strong technology talent and technology vendors.   

Contact Me

Let’s chat about what is keeping you up at night about your business.  Whether it’s concerns about the tech, or advice on how to growth the team, I’m here for you.


Local to Denver and Boulder Colorado. US Remote.

What They Say

Kathy played a major role in my journey from senior engineer to startup CEO. She helped me understand how to grow a team, how to refine my go-to-market strategy, and overall, manage my startup. She not only understands my technical challenges but also made recommendations on how to manage my team, pitch investors, and hire critical talent. I love Kathy's communication style: it is clear and actionable.
Julian Delange, CEO, Codiga
Julien Delange
CEO - Code inspector
Kathy's ability to problem solve and manage stakeholders is one of the key reasons we were able to see continued growth and development in the ever-changing landscape during this challenging time. She knows how to manage expectations, and deliver for the customers, our team, and our board. Kathy has been one of the most influential leaders with whom I have had the pleasure to work.
Erich Hugunin
Chief Revenue Officer
I am fortunate to have benefited from Kathy’s mentorship since going through the Techstars Sustainability Accelerator in 2019. Kathy has so much experience building technical teams at companies of all different sizes / stages that I never seem to exhaust her reserve for excellent advice or guidance. Every time that I think that I am about to stump her, Kathy makes a recommendation or suggests a new perspective that I have not previously thought of. It always seems so obvious after hearing it from Kathy.
Nat Evatt, CTO 2nd Nature
Nat Evatt
CTO, 2nd Nature
There are so many amazing ways that Kathy has provided guidance and expertise as our company winds its way through our software startup journey. I think her magic is in breaking down big thinking into actionable ideas. You can spin yourself in a circle with everything there is to do. Kathy is always able to get to help us get to the root cause of the problem, and develop experiments to solve the issue. She has transformed the way we approach our product development.
Maggie Mathias, CTO, 2nd Nature
Maggie Mathias
Chief Product Officer