The most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity, is daring to dare.
—Maya Angelou

Executive Coaching

Companies grow exponentially and people grow linearly. To stay in our roles as leaders, we have to find the way to accelerate our learning as our companies grow. Keep your existing leaders in their roles longer by pairing them with an experienced advisor. Accelerate your leadership's learning through focused coaching and mentoring.

In addition to my own successful track record as a product-led CTO, I have been coaching CTOs, CPOs, and CEOs regarding product and engineering concerns for several years. I also mentor in several Techstars accelerator programs as a Techstars All-Star mentor and I'm a certified CTO Levels Coach.

Julian Delange, CEO, Codiga

Julien Delange
CEO, Codiga
Acquired by Datadog in 2023

“Kathy played a major role in my journey from senior engineer to startup CEO. She helped me understand how to grow a team, how to refine my go-to-market strategy, and overall, manage my startup. She not only understands my technical challenges but also made recommendations on how to manage my team, pitch investors, and hire critical talent. I love Kathy's communication style: it is clear and actionable.”

Conflict Management

Learn to deal productively with incompatibilities or disagreements arising from, diverging opinions, objectives, and needs across the organization.

Strategic & Tactical Goal Setting

Decide what you want to achieve as an organization. Lay out an operational plan to achieve it. Align the entire organization clearly and effectively toward what matters. Act and measure effectively. 

Learn the Role & Build Confidence

Understand your role as a Product Engineering leader based on the unique needs of your business and the stage of your company.  Grow your skills in alignment with your company growth.

Leading Teams & Lead of Leads

Build effective, inspired teams that focus clearly on delivering to the needs of the organization. Develop a recurring cadence that aligns leadership to effectively manage upwards and downwards. 

Board & Investor Expectations

Understand what Boards and Investors expect to see from Product Engineering.  Create clear alignment between expectations and actions. Develop the confidence and executive presence to interact effectively with your Board.

Peer & Customer Alignment

Activate peer-to-peer alignment strategies that create wins for the organization. Develop clear prioritization strategies that work for everyone and provide clear, justifiable reasoning for why the answer is Yes (or No).

"Kathy is a very experienced leader with an amazing ability to coach people, Kathy has helped me level up my leadership skills way beyond what I thought possible and help me truly understand the CTO role. I can confidently say that she has had an incredible impact on me and the organization I lead."

Paul G. - AdTech CTO

Paul G.
CTO, Seedtag

Actively involved within several CTO and startup ecosystem communities!

Techstars Mentor
Forbes Technology Council Member